Why am I asked to link my Google Analytics account to Funnelll?

Funnelll doesn't keep your customers' data on our servers and instead distributes them to your marketing stack. Linking your Google Analytics account allows Funnelll to use it as the main datastore for your customer data and activities on your website, which allows you to retain control and ownership of your customers' data.

What are the permissions Funnelll requires and why?

Funnelll asks for the following permissions:

Google Permission Screen
  • Create account/property/views: This allows our wizard to offer you the option to create any missing details for your account, like properties or views, directly from the onboarding wizard without having to go into Google Analytics

  • Edit Google Analytics management entities: This allows Funnelll to manage your account according to best practices by adding necessary configurations like dimensions, filters, goals, to your account. This permission is also needed by Funnelll to display data in your dashboards

  • Manage Google Analytics Account users by email address: Funnelll makes the changes on behalf of your Google Analytics account. This way, you don't have to invite Funnelll as a user to your account

  • View and manage your Google Analytics Data: This allows us to view your reports and pull their data into your Funnelll dashboards

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