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Accurately tracking your paid ads down to the tiniest details like Campaign, Ad Set, Ad, Keyword, etc. is essential for evaluating and tuning the performance of your ads so you can get the most out of your marketing spend.

Google Ads offers an auto-tracking feature out of the box which enables you to attribute actions customers take on your website to the campaign, Ad Group (same as Ad Set), Ad, and keywords. Unfortunately, Facebook Ads doesn't offer a similar feature.

Here is how you can get the same level of details from your Facebook Ads in Google Analytics and Funnelll.

Method 1: Add UTM Tags to Facebook Ads Manually

The key to successfully tagging your ads is consistency. Make sure to use the same UTM tag conversion across all your ads.

  1. Log in to your Facebook Ad Manager account

  2. Select the Ads tab

  3. Move your mouse over the Ad you want to edit and click Edit

    Facebook Campaign Manager

  4. Locate the Website URL section of your Ad and Click Build a URL Parameter

    Facebook Ad URL

  5. In the Source field, type facebook

  6. In the Campaign Medium field, type cpc

  7. In the Campaign Name field, type {{campaign.name}}

    Facebook Ad Manager - Build URL Parameters

  8. In the Campaign content field, type {{adset.name}}

    Facebook Ad Manager - Build URL Parameters

  9. Click Add Parameter. In the Parameter name field type utm_term and in the Value field type {{ad.name}}

  10. Click Apply

When you are done tagging all your ads, click Publish to make your changes live

Facebook Ad Manager - Publish Changes

One thing to notice here is that when using name-based parameters, those are the ones surrounded by {{ }} e.g. {{ad.name}}, it will use the names used when you originally published your campaign but it won't be updated when you change those names later on. You can either replace the name-based parameters with the values for your campaign, ad group, and ad or duplicate and publish the campaign for your parameters to reflect the right names.

Method 2: Using Funnelll Auto-tag feature for Facebook

If you are using Funnelll, and have enabled our Facebook integration from our Apps & Integrations catalog, then tagging your Facebook Ads is as simple as turning on a switch.

  1. From the left navigation, select Ads & Integrations > Facebook

  2. Click Use App

    Facebook App

  3. Under the Settings tab, you will see a list of your campaigns with an Auto-tag switch next to each of them. Turning on this switch would auto-tag all ads under this campaign

Funnelll - Auto tag Facebook Ads

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