ClickFFunnels + Funnelll
  • Create a Funnelll account or login, if you already signed up.

  • Select your website to proceed to your Funnelll account.

  • In case you can’t find your ClickFunnels’ Funnel URL:

ClickFunnels Account Page
  • Back to Funnelll, from the left navigation, select Get Tracking Code.

  • On the installation page, click Funnelll installation code to copy.

Funnelll Installation Code

  • Back to your ClickFunnels account, open your funnel.

  • Choose the Settings tab on the top right.

ClickFunnels Settings
  • In the HEAD TRACKING CODE section, paste your Funnelll script.

  • Click Save and Update Settings.

  • Back in Funnelll, verify that your installation is successful. (It may take some time to get verified, don’t panic)

Funnelll Installation Successful

Congrats! You are now ready to link your analytics and ad accounts from the Apps & Integrations catalog to set up your marketing stack and start getting actionable insights on how you can tune your marketing activities and get more sales.

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