Shopify + Funnelll
  • Create a Funnelll account or login, if you already signed up

  • Select your website to proceed to your Funnelll account

  • From the left navigation, select Get Tracking Code

  • On the installation page, click Funnelll installation code to copy

Funnelll Installation Code
  • Login to your Shopify account and open the admin dashboard

  • From the left navigation bar, click Online Shop. Themes will be selected by default

Shopify Account
  • Click on the Actions button and select Edit Code

Edit Shopify Theme
  • Locate and click theme.liquid

  • Paste the Funnelll code as high up in <head>

Edit Shopify Code
  • Back in Funnelll, verify that your installation is successful

Shopify Installation Successful

Congrats! You are now ready to link your analytics and ad accounts from the Apps & Integrations catalog to set up your marketing stack and start getting actionable insights on how you can tune your marketing activities and get more sales.

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