There are 2 ways to connect Funnelll with a Joomla Launch Website. We will cover both in this tutorial.

  • Click to copy your Funnelll tracking code during onboarding or through the Get Tracking Code link in the left navigation

First method: Adding Funnelll Code into your Joomla Site

  • Head over to your Joomla Launch control panel. Click the Templates section on the Control Panel menu.

Here you will see a gold star next to the name of Style is your default (in this case, that would be protostar), this is the template that will need to be edited in the Templates section.

  • Click on Templates from the menu on the left.

  • Click your active template.

  • You will find various files of the template, locate the index.php file.

  • Scroll down in the index.php file until you spot the <head> tag in the code. This is were you will add the Funnelll code that you received during the Funnelll setup.

  • Paste the code as high up in the <head> tag as possible.

  • Go back to the Funnelll site and click Verify to see if the installation was successful.

Congrats! You are now ready to link your analytics and ad accounts from the Apps & Integrations catalog to set up your marketing stack and start getting actionable insights on how you can tune your marketing activities and get more sales.

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