Install Funnelll on Jimdo

Add Funnelll to your Jimdo website to automatically track meaningful actions customers take on your website, visualize your data, and get the insights you need to improve your marketing and conversion rates; no coding or complex setup needed!

  • Create a Funnelll account or login, if you already have an account
  • Select your website to proceed to your Funnelll account
  • From the left navigation, select Account Settings
  • Under Tracking Code, click on the box to copy the installation script

  • If you have Google Tag Manager installed on your website, click Verify Installation and select Install via Google Tag Manager to login to your account and add the Funnelll tag. To install Funnelll manually on your website, skip to the next step

  • Login into your Jimdo account

  • In the Jimdo Dashboard and Select the website you wish to add Funnelll to by clicking on the edit button

  • In the interactive editor, click on Menu > Settings > Edit Head (the menu button is located on the top left corner of the page)

  • Paste the code copied from your Funnelll account into the textbox and click Save
  • Back in Funnelll, verify that your installation is successful by clicking Verify Installation

Congrats! Funnelll is now tracking actions customers are taking on your store. You can head to the Manage Tracking option from your left navigation to start pinning the actions you want to visualize in your dashboards.

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