GDPR Compliance: Using Funnelll with Axeptio

Are you EU-based, or serve customers in the EU? This article describes how to make your website GDPR compliant with Funnelll and Axeptio

What is Axeptio and when should I use it?

If your website serves EU customers, then you need to use Axeptio, or a similar cookie consent service, to collect customer consent before you add any tracking or analytics software on your website in order to ensure GDPR compliance.

Axeptio simplifies the collection of consents on your website. When you use Axeptio on a website that runs Funnelll, Funnelll automatically detects consents provided by your customers and ensures only consented services are added to your website.

You can read more about GDPR and compliance consideration on our blog article here

Which services should I collect consent for?

Any tracking or analytics software, like Funnelll, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. requires you to collect consent.

What a minute! So I need to get consent for Funnelll itself?

Yes and no. Funnelll can be thought of as two parts; a tag manager - which doesn't require consent, and a tracking/analytics solution - which requires consent

When you install Axeptio, Funnelll detects the consents your customers provide. If the customer consents Funnelll, then the tracking part of Funnelll is also added to your website (which allows for features like auto cross-domain tracking, iOS14 handling, etc.)

If Funnelll is not consented to by the customer, then only the tag management part will be added to your website and Funnelll will proceed with adding the tracking code for services you enabled from our Apps & Integrations catalog like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, provided they are consented to by the customer.

What do I need to collect consent for?

It depends...

If you are using Funnelll's backend tracking option, which doesn't require adding Google Analytics, Pixel code, etc. on your website, then you only need to add Funnelll to Axeptio and collect consent for it. If the customer doesn't give consent to Funnelll, none of the tracking codes will be added to your website.

If you are using Funnelll with frontend tracking, where Funnelll injects Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc. code, then you will need to add a consent option to Axeptio for every integration you add in Funnelll e.g. Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel, in addition to Funnelll itself.

Please note that if the customer decides, later on, to remove any of their previously given consents e.g. Consent was given to Google Analytics but then was revoked down the line, then Google Analytics will be removed when the customer refreshes the page. Cookies used by Analytics will only be removed if the customer explicitly clears their cache.

Creating an Axeptio account

Axeptio offers a free tier that allows you to collect consent for 2 services. Their paid plans start at 15per domain per month, depending on the number of services/providers that are managed and the amount of traffic you serve.

  1. On the Axeptio home page, Click on Log in or Try for free to create an account

  1. Click Create a new project to create a profile for your website or select your existing site from the projects screen

  1. Go through the wizard. On the Integration step, copy the provided code and add it to your website in the <head> section (preferred option) or before the closing of the <body> tag

Once the Axeptio code is added on your website that runs Funnelll, Funneill will stop injecting tracking code for integrations e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, until the customer consents them.

Next, we will add the services to be consented to Axeptio

  1. In your project, select Cooke Management Platform

  1. Create a configuration

The Welcome Screen is used to set the messages your customers see on the consent pop-out on your website. The Here are our cookies section is used to add the services/providers you want to collect cookie consent for.

Adding Funnelll to the Axeptio Consent Screen

  1. Click Here are our cookies

  1. Click Add a new cookie

Important Note: Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are pre-added. It is advisable to keep those configurations as is. If you decide to change the details for Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics, please make sure to leave the Name field with the default values e.g. google_analytics or facebook_pixel (in lower case)

  1. Click Create a service

  1. Add the following details
  • Title: Funnelll
  • Name: funnelll (important: please make sure to add this field as-is in lower case)
  • Short Description: Allows us to analyze the statistics of your journey on our website and how to improve it
  • Long Description: Allows us to analyze the statistics of your journey on our website, learn how to improve your experience, and learn which ads and content to create to provide you with the best experience on our website
  • Domain Name:
  • Category: Marketing
  • Privacy Policy URL:

  1. Click Confirm
  2. Click the Publish button at the top-right of your page

That's it! Your website is now GDPR compliant from a cookie consent management perspective

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